Why raise rebels?

The short answer is this: We can't afford to raise another generation of obedient adults. To solve the problems we're facing, we need to raise people who have curiosity, creativity, agency, resilience, compassion and the ability to (respectfully) question authority and tradition. Fortunately, the things that kids need to develop these qualities are the same things they need to develop into healthy, happy adults.

This is New

Transitions can be hard. I can help make them smooth. Whether you’re just becoming a parent for the first time, bring home baby #2, or watching your baby turn into a toddler, transitions can be...
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Sleepless Families

Not sleeping so soundly these days? Sleep troubles can happen at any age. If your child isn’t sleeping well, then you’re not sleeping well either. When you aren’t sleeping well, you aren’t able to fill...
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Navigating behavior issues… As small children start to explore their boundaries, it’s normal for parents to be caught off-guard when they realize it may be time to implement some discipline into their child’s world. Commonly,...
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There’s nothing easy about the teen years… During adolescence, which can surprisingly start around age 10, children are seeking belonging and acceptance. The need to feel secure, confident and independent which can often result in...
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