We don’t need more obedient adults. We don’t need another generation of people who were taught to color inside the lines and think inside the box. We won’t survive it.

So why is so much of the child rearing and discipline advice being given to parents (often uninvited) still geared to teach children to be compliant and obedient? Much of that advice comes from a place of mistrust in the inherent goodness of humanity, and flat-out fear. And it serves to preserve the power dynamics that are serving our species and our planet so poorly. Let’s teach our kids to question authority, think for themselves, and imagine a way to live in the world that is not only more sustainable, but also more equitable, just and peaceful.

Join me for this 2-hour workshop and learn strategies for raising healthy, resilient humans with the authenticity, agency, compassion and courage that the future stewards of our planet need to have.

Next Session: Saturday, April 11th, 10am-12pm

Location: Full Moon Family Wellness & Birth Center, 701 Mission Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Partners and babes in arms are welcome.

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